Gay rights advocate responds to gay marriage ruling

The president of Acadiana Pride, Ted Richard, is speaking out about the landmark decision handed down by a federal judge in New Orleans upholding the ban of same-sex marriage in Louisiana. The decision has sparked outrage among supporters of the gay community, breaking a streak of more than 20 states that have overturned the gay marriage ban. Richard says the decision made yesterday goes against the history of monumental civil rights decisions in Louisiana.

“When the United States gave women the right to vote, Louisiana was one of the first states to ratify it. When the Constitution added the amendment to abolish slavery, Louisiana was one of the first states to ratify it. So it’s not that Louisiana is consistently behind on everything. Sometimes they are at the forefront of everything. It just looks like on marriage issues, they’re a little bit behind.”

“It’s telling us that our rights are not as important as a straight person’s rights. That’s exactly what this ruling meant. And to be honest, I was extremely angry yesterday. Very angry. Almost angry to the point of tears. But anger doesn’t solve the problem. Action solves the problem.”

Supporters of gay rights are already in the process of appealing the decision and say they plan to take the issue all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court.

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