Amnesty program offering tax payers chance to pay up

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By: Kellie Brown

The Louisiana Department of Revenue’s tax amnesty program is offering tax payers a chance to pay up, without any fees or penalties.
    This is the second part of a three year amnesty program voted in by the state legislature is now underway and will run 
until November 14th.
    The program called “A Fresh Start” will allow anyone owing back taxes to the state to pay a twenty-percent down payment on those taxes with no fees or penalties and only half of the interest.
    Unlike last years amnesty this year tax payers will also have the opportunity to pay in installments until may 2015.
    Department officials say this will not be a recurring opportunity and this is the best time for tax payers to get up to date on their taxes.

The legislature has announced that after the 2015 amnesty there won’t be another one for ten years.

If you would like more information on this years amnesty you can log on or call 1-866-782-9241.


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