Breaux Bridge address street safety

By Kelly Brown

Thursday’s tragedy has the Breaux Bridge Community and its leaders tackling some long standing issues with street structure and safety. 

After two kids were killed and one critically injured by a pickup truck on their way to school, people living in that neighborhood say they’ve asked community leaders for sidewalks and speed bumps and have not been successful.  We caught with some members of the community and its leaders to find out why. 

Walking down Martin Street you can clearly see that there is a divide.One end of the street where victim’s Cornasha and Niya Flugence live have sidewalks, but just a few blocks down where the girls were hit there are none. Charnele Washington says she lives just a few feet away from where the accident happened and she fears for her child’s safety. 

“I live here and my child can’t even bring out his scooter or his bike because they don’t have sidewalks and he can’t ride it on the street.” 

Breaux Bridge City Councilman Albert Menard says the funds are available for sidewalks but without full support from the community they’ve hit a dead end. You have to get permission from homeowners because they have to give an easement or a right away. If it affects 20 homes and one person chooses not to sign than you can’t do it.”

Residents say Martin Street is one of the busiest streets in the neighborhood and not having things like sidewalks and speed bumps affects the entire community. 

“If there were speed bumps maybe that would slow the cars down. If there were sidewalks that would make it better because the children won’t be in the road they would have a sidewalk to walk on” says resident Natasha Adams. 

Menard says three speed bumps were installed last year with grant money. But someone, for reasons unknown, removed two of them. State law does not require sidewalks, but Menard says he hopes this tragic accident will help the community come together on this long standing issue. 


“It’s the time to come together as one for the greater good of all of the families that have suffered in this endeavor.”” Councilman Menard also told us that although state law doesn’t require sidewalks. Since he’s been in office he has mandated that every new sub division or development have sidewalks. 

Chase Bank has an account set up for each of the girls involved in the tragedy in Breaux Bridge.

For more information call:

Syvina Demouchet 337-945-0958

Sherline Boutee 337-351-9506

Spencer Henry 337-292-0108

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