LPSS Board Adopted Budget Effective Immediately

There will be budget cuts in the Lafayette Parish School System effective. The board Wednesday voted to implement the September 15th board adopted budget, but delay personnel cuts until December 31. Interim Superintendent, Burnell LeJeune remains hopeful some cuts can be avoided.

LeJeune was the first to speak at the LPSS Budget Workshop Wednesday. The interim asked for more time. “At least let us have the opportunity to go back through this and not item, by item; but to look at those major impacts in this budget.” Major impacts such as cuts to personnel, programs and expenses.

LeJeune noted he spoke with different department heads and directors. “If you have questions on those big items, then we can have those individuals here. They can come and do a better job to provide a justification for it,” asked LeJeune.

Board Member Kermit Bouillion who voted against the board’s budget cuts eexplained people are starting to get worried.  “Here we are at the end of November.  We started this process in June. I believe maybe even in the middle of May.  I think that’s what’s happening we’re starting to feel the pain and it’s not a good feeling at all.  We don’t have to go that route.  We can go a different route,” added Bouillion.

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