Forum held to address Lafayette violence

“Do Black Lives Matter” was the topic of conversation at the forum held on Thursday at the Martin Luther King Center in Lafayette.

The forum was held as a result of recent shootings in Lafayette that resulted in the death of two people. Four shootings took place on one day shortly before Thanksgiving. One person died and two were hospitalized. On Wednesday, Jimmy Reed’s body was found in a parked car on Celeste Street in North Lafayette.

On Wednesday at the King center there was standing room only as members of the community gathered in hopes of find a solution to the violence and crime not only in this area, but all across Lafayette.

“Rev. Robert Johnson of the New Church says, “I called law-enforcement, the drug task force to stop the drugs in the community, the prostitution and you know what, the community got mad with me. I’m just trying to save a generation. We are not holding ourselves accountable for our own actions.”

The words Rev. Johnson stood on were that topic on Thursday’s forum, including the underlying issue of devalued lives and how the community can do its part to create a resolution.

The peace for MLK organization offers mentorship for young men ages 10-13. If you’re interested in volunteering, send them an email at

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