MHS senior class trip money stolen

Over 80 seniors from Mamou High School received devastating news Monday night.

Class sponsor Rachel Isarel returned home to find her house had been broken into.  She says someone ripped her air conditioning unit from a window and took the money.

Israel had been holding the student’s $3,500 down payment for the senior trip to Panama City this upcoming may. She says the plan was to put the money into an account the next morning to secure hotel rooms.

Israel has been working with the students since seventh grade doing various bake sales and activities to raise the money, she says she completely devastated when she realized that the money was gone.  She immediately called the Mamou Police Department and made a full report.

In the meantime she and some of the other parents have set up a Go Fund Me account. If you would like to donate to the Mamou Senior Class Trip account you can visit: WWW.GOFUNDME.COM/MHSCLASSTRIP

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