OPD adding body cameras to aid in protection

Opelousas police officers will soon be wearing body cameras. The department hopes the new equipment will help protect officers and citizens.

Police officers at the Opelousas Police Department will soon be sporting a new item on their uniform. A camera like this one will be attached to the front of their shirt. The goal, to protect their word as well as anyone they come in contact with.

The Police department ordered 30 body cameras from the company Taser costing the department about $12,000. OPD says the cameras will protect the officers and the truth.

“Chief Perry Gallow says, “A complaint will be filed and you basically have to make a judgment call on who you’re going to believe and who is the most credible but of course video will do a tremendous job at being able to make the best decision at the best judgment call.”

Body cameras are slowly making their way into police departments across the country.

Taser spokesman Steve Tuttle says the company provides over thirty thousand cameras to officers nationwide. After the incidents in Ferguson, Taser increased their sales by 3.4 million dollars in one quarter. Chief Gallow hopes the cameras will keep national problems from reaching his community.

Chief Gallow predicts that by the end of next week all officers will be trained and equipped with their individual cameras.

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