Iconic building in Jennings may be destroyed


A century old building in Jennings has been in danger of being demolished.


The iconic Heywood building has been a part of Jennings since 1903, there were plans to demolish the building back in August but since then one former city leader has stepped in saying not so fast .


Greg Marcantel Davis, Jefferson Davis Arts Council says, “We are intending to mount a campaign to raise the funds that we need in order to restore the Heywood building.”


Being also the former mayor of Jennings, he is leading efforts to restore the Heywood building on Main Street.


The building was set for demolition august 9th but the construction company had some last minute issues which halted those plans. Since then Marcantel has been rallying to help save this city staple. Since august the mayor and city council have given Marcantel and the arts counsel several extensions to save the building. With the help of private donors they’ve raised 150-thousand dollars. Marcantel says the money will cover phase one of the project which includes restoring the roof, walls, and outside safety hazards. But, he says they still need more donations.


Marcantel says, “We need to raise another $100,000 dollars to make the entire reconstruction project a reality.”


The start of phase two of the project depends on donations which will include finishing the interior, restoring the second and third floors and creating office space.

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