Kaplan chief warns against synthetic marijuana

The Kaplan Police Department is cracking down on the increase of synthetic marijuana use in the city.

Police Chief, Boyd Adams, is sending a strong message to the community.

Adams wants to rid the streets of the fast growing threat.

He said many people don’t realize just how deadly synthetic marijuana can be.

“Nothing legal about it, it’s illegal,” said Adams.

He began to see cases in the city about a year ago.

Adams said police responded to an increasing amount of calls involving the drug and what his officers see on the scene is frightening.

“The hallucination is the biggest side effect that we’re seeing in Kaplan. People don’t know who they are, they’re combative, they’re violent when officers respond. They take them into custody and then we have to bring them to the emergency room because they’re so messed up,” said Adams.

Adams said his officers recently dealt with someone experiencing severe side effects.

“We responded to a residence about two weeks ago and there were three people in the house that were just out of their mind. One of them was in almost a coma state of mind and he was brought to the hospital by ambulance,” said Adams.

The drug contains powerful chemicals called Cannabimi-metics which are receptors that severely alter brain function.

Synthetic marijuana poses a number of health risks including death.

“They typically act like they’re on amphetamines. They are hyperactive, hallucinating and their heart rate’s real fast. They get to be combative,” said Gifford Saravia, National EMS Academy Educational Manager.

Adams said this drug is found in packets similar to rock candy packaging.

He said parents should know what it looks like and be aware of the many names this drug carries.

Spice, K2, No More Mr. Nice Guy, and there’s hundreds of others. I think there’s one, 3-2-1, that we’re finding in Kaplan and it’s pretty potent,” said Adams.

Adams urges anyone using synthetic marijuana to call your local poison center at 1-800-222-1222.

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