New Orleans Bowl is a tradition for Cajun fans

A fourth consecutive Cajun appearance in the R+L New Orleans Bowl might be reason enough for fans to purchase tickets but another reason could also be supporting their Alma Mater.


Attending the New Orleans Bowl in December has become a tradition for many Cajun fans.


A.J. Abear with Cajun Harley Davidson says “it’s almost like Lafayette going to New Orleans we go walk down Bourbon Street and see people we know just like we would here.”


Clarence Glenn, a former Cajuns football player says this is his fourth time going to the New Orleans bowl and will “time and times if I have to.”  He says “It’s becoming a habit for us so we definitely know what to do to get there if they continue to go to New Orleans every year I’m sure me and other people will continue to go also.”


Although some think the 10 a.m. kick-off and the Saints Falcons game the same weekend as the New Orleans bowl could be an issue, that won’t stop the Cajun faithful from making the trip to New Orleans.


UL Senior Thomas Lamotte says “I already got my hotel picked out and everything already got the reservation done, I went to the last three so I was actually hoping they’d go back there was no way i was going to miss it.”


UL Ticket Sales Manager Matthew Casbon says “I don’t think the game time effects so much people coming. I think if people already made holiday plans and they’re not gonna be in town; Hopefully, they still turn on the TV and watch the game. With the Saints being in town, I know a lot of UL fans who are Saints season ticket holders. So, I think they were already going down there to begin with now they just have a reason to go down a little sooner.”



Rob Stewart UL Associate Athletic Director of External Affairs says the New Orleans bowl has drawn record breaking crowds every year. He also says revenue from the bowl helps offset the cost of a post season game and has benefited the school overall.


He says “The effects it’s had on recruiting the effects that it’s having on being able to do facility upgrades has been incredible. We’re strengthening the brand of the Ragin Cajuns not just within the state of Louisiana with the proximity of New Orleans, and where that bowl is but also being able to strengthen that brand nationwide.”


Fans who purchase their tickets from the UL ticket office will be guaranteed a spot on the Cajun side of the dome.

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