New board talks

A new school board will be taking charge of the Lafayette Parish School System. Tonight two new board members shared their thoughts with KLFY News 10.


Lafayette Parish School Board Member-elect Jeremy Hidalgo says there will be a new vision with seven new board members. “We got to show them that we mean business that we care about the children and we do not care about politics,” says Hidalgo.


Hidalgo anticipates a change from what has taken place in the past. Recently, the board terminated its superintendent but not without some controversy. “I do believe we are all going to get along. It’s not going to be like it was before.  It’s a new day.  I do believe it’s a new day,” explains Hidalgo.


LPSS Board Member-elect Mary Morrison agrees. Morrison works as an Academic Advisor at South Louisiana Community College.  Morrison has a few goals in mind. “I think that we need to just always stay focus on why we serve on the school board.  Always thinking about the kids and putting the kids first,” adds Morrison.


“It’s not about a gang here, a gang of four nor a gang of five. There’s no room for that any more. None of that works.  There’s no room for that.  It should never have been there.  We don’t even know if it’s true but  people say that . That’s what I’m looking forward to a board working together for a common goal and moving forward,” says Morrison.

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