Franklin Foundation Hospital contract disputes


After contract disputes between two Franklin Foundation Hospital physicians and the hospital Board of Commissioners, some community members believe the doctors are being punished due to a prior incident.


The two physicians in question are Dr. Donna Tessi and Dr. Stephen Mcpherson. According to Hanagriff, the termination of their contracts is a form of penalty.



David Hanagriff, Councilman of St. Mary Parish says, “I believe that the actions the board has taken are direct results or punishing the physicians for that vote of no confidence.”


Russell Cremaldi, the attorney representing Franklin Foundation Hospital says the termination of the contracts were to open the door for renegotiations. He also said legal counsel to the Franklin Foundation Hospital is attempting to renegotiate to position employee contracts. They feel that they need to renegotiate the contract based upon compensation


Instead of both parties going back and forth, the St. Mary Parish council voted to have an outside source settle the issue


Gary McGoffin will be serving as the mediator. He’s the same attorney that mediated the dispute between the Lafayette Parish School Board and Ex-superintendent Pat Cooper. The mediation process is to begin on Tuesday.

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