Holiday Razzle Dazzle

During Christmas time you can almost always bet on families gathering around their Christmas tree’s decorated with ornaments and lights. In Louisiana, Christmas offers lights of a much brighter and louder sort.

If you’re still looking for that last minute gift to put a sparkle in your loved ones eyes consider making a stop at your local firework stand.

America has an obsession with fireworks during national holidays like the Fourth of July. But here in Louisiana, firework sales double their numbers during Christmas and New Years.

“The biggest shopping are December 31st, New Year’s eve and Christmas eve, December 24th for late minute Christmas present and stocking stuffers.” Said Louisiana Fireworks store manager Greg Clawson

With gas prices down this year, holiday shoppers are expected to spend more money.Firework stands hope this factor will help with sale.s

However, Clawson says the biggest element to determine how fireworks will sell all depends on the weather.

“As long as we don’t get rain or moisture on the big days for fireworks than we tend to do pretty well.” Said Clawson

Clawson recommends fireworks as the perfect last minute gift for anyone.

“For Christmas season what we tend to sell the most of are last minute Christmas ideas. Things like the family packs that are easy to wrap for presents to stick under the tree. Or small stuff that parents can use as stocking stuffers or that Santa can bring.” Said Clawson

Lighting fireworks on Christmas is a tradition that many families participate in around Louisiana.

“Right after Christmas or we do them or on New Year’s. The best part, whenever you run from them it like blows up on you and it gets all over you and it’s so fun .” said Mya Laughery a 2nd grader who celebrates Christmas and New Years with her family with fireworks every year.

Whenever handling fireworks be sure to use proper firework safety, as well as speaking to your local law enforcement about regulations in your area

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