Lawn and Garden – Freeze Cloths

Chastant Brothers presents your Lawn and Garden

Gary:  Today on your Lawn & Garden we’re protecting your plants.  You might say, “Not too hard to do when it gets cold I’ll just get some visquine and put it over my plants.”  But that could cause a problem, john says we have a solution!

John: Yes, especially since visquine doesn’t breathe.  It’s okay to put it overnight or something like that if you hurry up and take it off.  If you leave it on there it can burn your plants because it can’t breathe and the sun that’s coming out the next day.  This product right here you can leave on as long as you want.

What it does is lets the moisture through and air, so it doesn’t suffocate your plants. The worse problem we have around here is frost. The frost burns up your plant more than the freeze does. Unless it freezes for days or something. Usually that first frost just nips it, everything is so tender. If you can avoid that by covering it with this freeze protection cloth it works beautifully. Make sure your plants are watered well before if you think we’re having a good frost or a freeze.  Water them well before covering them like this.  Especially you citrus trees and stuff like that, that needs to be protected. If you have some young ones, drape this over them, bring it down to the bottom.  And we have these pins we sell at the store that you just put right into the soil and it holds it down.  Some people get bricks or something like that because in the fall you never know how much wind we’ll have so you need to hold them down.

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