Possible honor guards in St. Landry Parish

One veteran in St. Landry Parish is fighting for his fellow veterans.
Lincoln Savoie, a local US Army retired veteran is fighting for a budget that will help him form a funeral honor guard.

The team would be a group of volunteers who attend military funerals. There are more than 55,000 veterans in St. Landry Parish alone. Savoie says the parish should honor its veterans.

“I’m asking them to furnish me in their budget for about 10,000 dollars a year, for about four years. To establish an official St. Landry Parish veterans funeral honor guard.” said Savoie

As it stands now, local funeral homes make calls to Ft.. Polk or local national guard units to get an honor guard. But sometimes, soldiers are deployed or in training, and simple not available.

“To me it would be devastating if I was told, well we don’t have the right facilities or the right people to present the flag. Devastating, certainly devastating.” said Savoie

Savoie served more than 22 years in the army and has a family full of service members. He says he was inspired to do more for his fellow veterans after personal health issues.

“I got diagnosed with leukemia in 2007, that’s what really brought me to light about supporting these guys.”” said Savoie

St. Landry Parish council members say they have a tight budget, but will look into it. Savoie says he isn’t going to give up without a fight.

“Oh, I’ve certainly got option two and three already. You don’t go into combat with out an extra clip of ammunition.” said Savoie

The meeting is set for January to decide on the budget. Savoie says this is the last way that we can honor our veterans and their families for their service.

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