LA Ice Arena to Carencro Sports Complex

The LA Ice Arena used to hold hockey lessons, birthday parties and even Icegators practices, but soon the arena will hold indoor football and soccer games.

On Tuesday the City of Carencro purchased the 32,000 square foot LA Ice Arena. The LA Ice Arena will be renovated and a gym will be added to the back of the facility. Local resident Chad Brown says a new recreation center would be good for Carencro.

“This end of town needed something like that a place for kids to get together there was nothing like that on this end of town I think it’s very important in the development of children to have a place like that to go to.”

Laticia Frank, a local high school teacher says Carencro needs a family friendly place.

Frank says, “I think that would bring a lot of participation to the community.  A big thing for families to do which is a wonderful opportunity because there’s not much like that around here for families to do together.”

Frank also says playing a sport is important to a child’s development. She says having a sports complex is a great outlet for children in the area.

“I think it’s very important to have a place where kids can go to release that stress from a school day and to have fun and just somewhere safe where they won’t get into trouble and they possibly would make good decisions instead of poor decisions.”

Carencro Parks and Recreation Chairman Murray Conque issued a statement saying the purchase “allows the City of Carencro to have one of the largest recreation centers in the state with a total of 45,000 square feet under one roof”.

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