Leaked video of Crowley arrest

An over 20 minute video was released to KLFY News Ten. The video, originally released on YouTube, but taken down shortly after, is apparently from two body cameras on Crowley Police Officers. The video documents the My 25th arrests of husband and wife, Clay and Mitzi Lejeune. The couple, both attorneys, was arrested for public intimidation. Clay was also charged with two counts of resisting an officer.

In the video, Clay is seen arguing with officers, visibly upset that the officers allegedly knocked his front door off the hinges.  Officers tell Clay, a neighbor made a 911 call regarding screaming coming from the residence. As Mitzi, explains to officers, that her children were chasing each other, Clay repeatedly tells officers to leave his property. At one point, Clay makes a verbal threat, after officers try to calm him down.

Officer: “Listen.”

Clay: “No, you (expletive) listen.  You get in the grass, cause someone’s about to their (expletive) (expletive) whipped.”

Officer: “You know what; put your hands behind your back.”

One officer is seen from the corner of the video attempting to place Clay under arrest. Clay makes a move, seemingly jerking away from the officer. Clay is then wrestled to the ground and tased.

Officer: “Give me your other hand!”

Female in background: “I can’t believe you did that to my dad! Please take him to the hospital.”

Minutes later, Mitzi is seen explain to a different officer that the screaming was from her children, arguing over a video. Mitzi is then heard telling one officer,

Mitzi: “I’m about to call about five judges. I work for a judge. We are lawyers, we are not criminals.”

Mitzi makes a similar statement again, subsequently leading to her arrest.

Officer: “I’m trying to reason with you and find out exactly what happened. Now, what I don’t need for you to do is throw the lawyer word around and make me feel like my jobs in jeopardy because you’re a lawyer and you may take some type of action.”

Mitzi, points to separate officer: “His job, he’s gone tomorrow, I promise you that.”

Officer: “Ok, that’s fine.”

Mitzi: “Judge Duplantier, I have a problem.”

Officer: “Is that a threat that you are making?”

Mitzi: “Take it however you want.”

Officer: “Put your hands behind your back. (Unheard) public intimidation of a police officer.”

Mitzi: “Stop it! Oh, come on!”

Officer: “Ma’am, put your hands behind your back and stop resisting.”

Barry Sallinger, on the attorneys said the release of the video is illegal. In a statement to News Ten, Sallinger wrote,

“It is clear the release of the many versions have come from one source, the Crowley Police Department. The violations of law are particularly more serious as the various videos released have been edited to put the LeJeune family in a bad light. Curiously missing are the alleged justification for breaking into the family home and the after-the-fact motive of vindictive Crowley Police Officers. The real question that should be asked is what is missing from the video and why?”

Chief K.P. Gibson said he is investigating the release of the video and referred further comments to city attorney Thomas Regan.

A call was placed by News Ten to Regan’s home, but was told he was unavailable.

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