Blue lights in New Iberia

Blue Lights cover all of downtown here in New Iberia, the lights were put up to pay tribute to the town’s late great artist George Rodrigue who is most known for his Blue Dog Painting.

The painting gave the New Iberia born artist international fame. He passed away one year ago and many people living in New Iberia want to keep his memory alive.

Jeff Boggs, a resident in New Iberia, says, :The Downtown Business Association did a great job which all goes back to the Christmas parade on December 13th where they tried to celebrate the Blue Dog aspect of George Rodrigue.

The New Iberia Business Association says they’ve received mixed reviews about the new christmas lights.
Main Street is normally lit up with white lights with green and red accents.

Jeff Boggs says he knows that the temporary tribute won’t be an every year thing, nonetheless he says says, the blue lights are perfect for this year.

Boggs is from Chicago and first heard of Rodrigue when he visited his art gallery on Royal Street in New Orleans. Once he moved to New Iberia, he says the town was overflowing with pride for the the Blue Dog artist.

Jeff Boggs says, “I found out that Mr. Rodrigue was from New Iberia and it was a big deal. I think people certainly take pride in their local sons and George is definitely one to be remembered.

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