Slight decrease of homicides in Lafayette

As the year comes to an end News Ten takes a look at the number homicides that have taken place in the hub city.

In 2013 the city saw a total of 10 homicides, as of December 29th this year, although not by much, police have seen a decrease.

Corporal Paul Mouton with the Lafayette Police Department says, “So far this year in the city of Lafayette we’ve experienced nine homicides.”

Of those nine cases, two of them remain unsolved in which Mouton says one which occurred at 1404 Carmel Drive involving the victim Mary Terrell. The 92 year old woman was found in an apartment at Village Du Lac. Originally police did not suspect foul play but after further investigation Terrell’s death was ruled a homicide.

The second incident police say occurred on West Gilman Street, November of this year, involving the victim, Dwayne Batiste. Batiste was killed after being shot multiple times in his truck near the intersection of Happiness and Gilman streets. That incident was only the beginning of a series of four shootings around the city on that day with only one being fatal.

Mouton says, “We are still investigating that homicide as well as Ms. Terrell’s homicide and trying to identify the suspects.”
Mouton says homicides are hard to predict and prevent and solving them presents another challenge.

He says, “All we can do is rely on the community for information when these homicides do occur in order to assist us in solving them.”


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