Acadiana’s New Year’s Babies

Srinivasam Ambatipati and his wife Swaroopa Podila have wanted to start a family since they married in 2007.  Ambatipati says “it’s been seven hard years for us expecting a baby.”

At 12:08 a.m. on January first 2015, the Ambatipati’s welcomed their son Anirudh Naga into the world weighing just over eight pounds.

Dad says “we have been praying for a long time and our prayers got answered today.”

“Oh my God!” says wife Swaroopa.  “I can’t explain in words we are pretty excited and we are happy it’s almost after seven years this is our first baby and yeah everything is good now…we are taking this precious gift into 2015.”

Anirudh’s original due date was set for January 17th.  Ambatipati believes his son’s birth is a gift from god.  Ambatipati also says New Year’s symbolizes prosperity in his culture, much like it does around the world.  He says it’s a fitting time for the arrival of the child he and his wife have waited so long for.

“New Year’s is a special day.  In India we celebrated with our family at twelve o’ clock we shared the sweets…this is a very auspicious day in Hindu culture and we were glad that he’s born on this specific day.”

Ambatipati says his New Year’s resolution is to spend as much time as he can loving his new son.

Also just before noon the Women’s and Children’s Hospital saw another New Year’s baby just down the hall from the Ambatipati family. Alicia James, a neonatal intensive care unit nurse gave birth to her third child, Jessica Renee. James says she didn’t expect to have another baby but the Surprise was an exciting way to start off the New Year.

Husband john and the kids are happy to welcome their newest member while mom wants to be the perfect patient for her nurses at Women’s and Children’s.

Baby Jessica was born at 11:53 in the afternoon. She was nineteen inches long and weighed six pounds.


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