Elderly vulnerable to cold weather

The elderly is one group that’s especially vulnerable to the cold.

As winter temperatures continue to drop, the Vermilion Council on Aging in Abbeville is collecting donations to keep their elderly residents warm. The fundraiser began over a decade ago, then for six years no donations came in. With temperatures dropping below freezing, Council Director Louis Boudin says she needed to do everything she could to assist elderly residents.

“I know the need of our elderly because we are in a rural area, they are on a low income and it’s hard for them to survive on their little social security check.”, says Bodin.

The council does more than just collect space heaters and blankets. The group’s employees personally make sure the donations get delivered to those in need.

“Today I’ll get in my car and make the drive out no matter how far, to an elderly person in need of a heater because of that cold snap we are having tomorrow.”, says Bodin.

The council has received twenty heater donations since it started collecting just before Christmas. They now have just three heaters left, and many people are still in need. Bodin expresses her concern saying a harsh winter hurts not only everyone, but the cold weather can be deadly for an elderly person.

“When you’re old it’s very hard to keep your body temperature warm, so they need all the help they can get.” says Bodin.

The Council on Aging is accepting donations of blankets and space heaters. They say it may be the only hope for some in getting through the winter.

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