Family of eight escapes Scott house fire

On January 7, 2015 at 3:33 A.M., Scott Fire Department was dispatched to an investigation of smoke inside of a home located at 1400 St. Mary Street, lot 9, inside of the Scott City Limits.

Firefighters arrived and observed all eight residents made it out of the structure safely, in addition to smoke emitting from the structure.

Firefighters made entry into the structure, utilizing a thermal camera to locate the seat of the fire. Once inside, firefighters observed a fire on an interior wall in a room occupied by children, which was quickly brought under control.

An investigation concluded that the heating unit ignited a fire in the floor area, which spread up the wall.

The home received minimal damage, however electrical service to the heating unit was disconnected as a result of the damage.

The residents were allowed back into the home to gather clothes for the children, in addition to needed items till repairs could be made to the structure.

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