Precautions during winter weather

Maintaining your vehicle during the winter can keep you from wasting time in the mornings as you head to work or drop the kids off at school.

Cody Evans, an Automotive Technician at Chabill’s Tire Service says, “First of all you want to make sure your battery is in optimal condition.  If you notice it’s sluggish you want to get it checked out somewhere as soon as possible.”

On the note of maintaining your vehicle, Evans also suggests getting an oil change with winterized oil, a higher grade like 1030 or something a little bit thicker can help your vehicle start in the morning time. Other precautions include getting a coolant flush to make sure your vehicle’s heater works properly.  Checking your windshield wiper fluid, leaving wipers in an upright position can also help during the cold weather as well. Lastly, don’t neglect your tires.

Doug Arceneaux, a Service Technician at Chabill’s says “check your tire pressure because the cold weather can lower your tire pressure.  Check your door pocket it’ll tell you the amount per tire and just fill accordingly.”

Keeping the family vehicle in good condition for school and work commutes isn’t the only thing parents need to worry about during the winter.  Students waiting outside for the bus need to prepare for low temperatures too.  Doctor Rachael Roberts with the Regional Medical Center of Acadiana says even though freezing temperatures aren’t common in the south, frostbite in the hands is still a possibility.

“You can start getting what’s called necrosis which means that actual tissue will start to die.  At certain levels you know maybe stage one first degree second degree these things can be reversible but you can cause permanent numbness permanent damage to muscle to tissue and then you’ll never be able to regenerate that muscle that tissue and you’ll have permanent necrotic damage to that and you’ll have permanent necrotic damage to that.”

Doctor Roberts also says rubbing cold hands together can do more damage than good.

“When you rub and put more friction on an already very cold area you actually cause more tissue damage,” she says, “So I tell people if you’re very numb very cold in your body the first thing you want to do is try to slowly warm yourself use some blankets use some warm water do not start that friction rub automatically that is not the way to fix it.”



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