Scott family safely escapes fire

On Wednesday around 3:33 am, the Scott Fire Department was dispatched to investigate smoke inside a home at 1400 St. Mary Street. “The Lord woke up my husband. Everything was full of smoke.  We got the kids out,” says homeowner Chatara Alexander of Scott.

Firefighters say when they arrived the people inside the smoke filled home were found safely waiting outside. Chatara Alexander says she’s grateful her husband got up in time to warn everyone else. “The house was full with smoke.  Our eyes were burning and our noses were burning. I went back in to check and the kids room was full of smoke,” adds Alexander.

Fire officials say an investigation concludes the heating unit ignited a fire in the floor, which spread up the wall.  Fire officials say the home sustained minimal damage.  Alexander explains the lesson her family learned is immeasurable.

Alexander offers her advice. She says check all heating units and any other electrical item. “I would say to the men of the house check everything. Check on the inside and the outside.  If you are leaving in a trailer, check underneath the trailer as well.”

Scott Fire Chief Chad Sonnier says with space heaters make sure that all combustible items around the unit are removed.  Plus, check smoke detectors for functioning batteries.

If you would like to make a donation to the Alexander family you may do so at any Iberia Bank location using account # 20001050117.


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