Vote could mean changes of agenda for Iberia Parish president

Over the past three years, Iberia Parish President Romo Romero has not consistently attended council meetings.

Councilman David Ditch explains why he would like to see a change in the future by saying, “I think he should be here to answer questions in regards to how the parish operates. He ran for this position, he’s in charge of running the government and I don’t think it’s a lot to ask of him to attend the meetings.”

Romero says there was a point in time where he did faithfully attend the meetings and it wasn’t until the insults from different council members became too much to deal with did he not return. He says whoever holds his seat should not be required to attend council meetings.

Romero says, “I don’t think it’s necessary, I think it would be nice and I probably would go more often if I was not attacked every time I go, even when I send somebody they get attacked.””

Outside of the controversy, the council will discuss and consider action that would require the parish president to attend council meetings.

On Wednesday, the members of the council will be voting on whether to move that to the full agenda of a counsel to vote it up or down to go to the people for the ultimate vote. If approved, and voted yes by the people of Iberia Parish, the new charter would affect whoever holds the seat of parish president in 2016.

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