Zoosiana preparations for cold weather

With the threat of severe weather on Wednesday, zoo officials at Zoosiana say they are taking every precaution necessary to keep every last one of their animals safe.

Matt Oldenburg, General Manager of Zoosiana, says “Our primary concern is making sure that all of our animals have enough heat for the night so that everybody stays healthy and safe throughout the cold.”

Oldenburg explains animals such as sheep and deer are able to be left out overnight because of their cold fur and busy bellies.

Oldenburg says, “We’ll increase the feed to make sure everybody has enough food throughout the night because a body that’s digesting food is warmer than a body that’s not digesting food.”

Other animals such as tigers and camels are also able to sustain the cold snap with help. Oldenburg explains the zoo was preparing all day just to make sure all animals had extra bedding and were able to be fed. He also says you may be surprised to learn that the animals get playful when the temperature dips. Zoo officials say they begin preparing a day ahead when there’s a severe weather change.

The Zoo will be open on Thursday morning at 9 am.



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