Issues with livestock running wild in Acadia Parish

The Acadia Parish Police jury held their first meeting of the year on Tuesday; one of the main issues on the agenda was livestock running wild throughout the parish. According to parish officials livestock such as horses are being captured after roaming the city without supervision. When caught, sheriff’s officers bring the animals to the Acadia parish rice arena.

Lyle Fogleman, Rice Arena Board Member, says “They came with animals and they unloaded them and we had to hurry up and get them out of here. We could not afford to have them here, then they didn’t have a place to go with them and      that’s what created the problem.”

The rice arena hosts various horse shows and rodeos weekly which involve high quality livestock; at no point does it house any animals. Fogleman says there needs to be another solution.

Fogleman says, “These animals have not been taken care of, they’re contaminated, we don’t know what kind of a health problems they have. We cannot afford to take this type of an animal in.”

The arena is in very high demand throughout Acadiana, as a result keeping it up and running is a big priority. Michelle Fusilier, Rice Arena Assistant Manager says this is the first time they’ve encountered this problem and hopes that a solution is found immediately.

Fusilier says, “Finding a facility that can take them or build a facility in the parish that can take them is where we’re at right now.”

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