St. Martinville parade changes

With nearly 10,000 people flocking to the Mardi Gras parade in St. Martinville, law enforcement has their hands full which is also why parade officials made a few changes in order to keep the route running as smooth as possible.

Janise Anthony, President of the New Comers club, says, “All participants must register by February 6th, and there will be absolutely no exceptions that will be made.”

After registering, each participant will be given a number, that number represents their place in the parade, which is a first for the new comers club.  On the day of the parade, all members must arrive before 11am.

Janise says, “If they’re there at 11:01, they will lose their spot in the parade and it’s going to be non-    refundable.”

The strict arrival time is now in affect to put an end to problems officials have seen far too often in the past, which is why the organization is joining forces with the police department. Of course, the parade will also bring road closures. As seen in the past, all entrances to the city will be shut down 12.

Chief Calder Hebert with the St. Martinville Police Department says, “The participants will be lining up between Highway 92 and the city limits of St. Martinville along Highway 31. So, if you’re coming from the New Iberia area, you have to make sure you’re in there before 11.”

The St. Martinville parade will be Sunday, February 15 at 1pm. If you’re interested in having your float in the St. Martinville parade, call Janise Anthony with the new comers club at 337-255-8474.

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