Financial issues, lack of police officers for the town of Melville

The Town of Melville is home to about 1400 residents and the number of police officers there, may surprise you. Chief Anthony Moreau is the only officer patrolling the town of Melville during the day; and it’s been that way since he took office at the first of this year.

“I’m still currently working seven days a week, Monday through Sunday, and 24 hours on Monday, 24 hours on Tuesday” said Moreau.

Due to the town’s financial issues, the department has downsized from 7 dispatchers to 4; fortunately, Chief Moreau has been given a temporary full time officer to patrol the night shift Wednesday through Sunday.

Moreau says, “All I’m asking for is what the former chief had, which is himself, he had one full-time officer and he got approved for another man.”

Of course the St. Landry Sheriffs Office will assist with any matter if Chief Moreau was to need help. But, if the town of Melville was no longer able to afford a police a force, there’s a possibility St. Landry sheriffs would patrol the area. The town would have to enter a contract agreement with the sheriff’s office and pay a fee for deputy services.

“Eventually, they are going to have to come up with the money to fund their police department” says St. Landry Sheriff Bobby Guidroz,

Until that time comes, Sheriff Guidroz says he and his deputies will be in the Melville area to help with any situation that requires a police presence.

Guidroz says, “We are going to do everything we can, if it means providing patrol assistance until they get their feet on the ground, we’re going to do that.””

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