Lawn and Garden

Gary:  Today on your Lawn & Garden we’re talking about pruning. What time of the year do you do it? John says now is a pretty good time, but what do we prune this time of the year John?

John: Well you can prune trees like if you have pecan trees that are finished producing already. Oak trees, things like that. And it is a good time to plant all your shrubs and things because everything is getting dormant and the root system isn’t growing anymore.

I just want to make a comment about what not to prune. You don’t want to prune your flower type plants like your Azaleas, Camellias, Gardenias, things like that. They’re flowering now or they will flower in the spring, so if you prune them you are pruning the flower that are gonna come out next year.

This is a Camellia right here. It’s already flowered, it has one left, after that if I want to prune it I can. All the shi-shi Camellias I have right now are in bloom, after they drop they’re flowers I can go and prune or you can wait a month or two before pruning.  And only light pruning, because if not you’re knocking off the buds for next year.

GARY: Any particular kind of tool you use to do pruning?

JOHN: Well, for your larger limbs from one to two inches, you’d use the loppers right here. Now for a bush like this all you need is the small pruners to take care of that.

Another thing is that when you are doing that you wanna dip your clippers in Clorox every so often you aren’t transporting a disease from one plant to another. You just wanna keep them clean.

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