Medical school talks continue

There are still active discussion about establishing a three-year LSU Medical School in Lafayette.

Acadiana is rapidly growing and with that growth comes more patients.

State Treasurer, John Kennedy, is still pushing forward with making it happen.

“Louisiana needs a new medical school. We have more doctors over 60 than we do under 40,” said Kennedy.

The American Medical Association estimates that by the year 2025, the country will experience a shortage of 140,000 physicians.

“It’s a booming economy. We’ve got a world class university here. We’ve got a very sophisticated health care infrastructure, wonderful specialists, and wonderful primary care physicians today so we’ve got the teachers in place already. We need to go ahead and do it,” said Kennedy.

Dr. Kevin Morris is a second year resident in Family Medicine at Lafayette General Medical Center.

A graduate of Ross University Medical School in the Caribbean, Morris said completing his residency in Lafayette was an easy decision.

He said this would be the ideal city for a medical school.

“Focus is on academics. Having a medical school here would be phenomenal. We are very big into training. We have a lot of training. There are a lot of medical students that come up and rotate with us currently,” said Morris.

Kennedy said the school would focus heavily on primary care and retention of students after graduation.

University Hospital and Clinics Chief Executive Officer, Jared Starks, said Acadiana is need of more doctors.

“We’re coming up on a looming crisis. We’re short of primary care physicians right now particularly in the rural parts of our community and Acadiana,” said Starks.

He said the sooner the better.

Bringing a medical school to the Hub City will bring more doctors to the community.

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