MLK parade in Lafayette

From Willow to Cora, the streets were covered in beads, candy, footballs and frisbee as hundreds of people came out to celebrate the MLK parade in Lafayette.
“Oh, we come every year. We just enjoy the crowds, and the bands. But mostly we enjoy this parade because it’s the Martin Luther King parade, and that’s sentimental to a lot of us.” said Lawrence and Caroline Pete
     The parade, complete with bands, dancers, baton twirlers, floats and cheerleaders, kicked off at 3 pm from the Clifton Chenier Center.  It’s part of a weekend long celebration commemorating the birth of nonviolent activist Martin Luther King Jr.
“This day is special to celebrate the life and legend of Dr. Martin Luther King and really to bring the community together to celebrate that. I think it’s a great thing we get to see our local school’s, our local bands, and the people who have a cause have also been out here today.” said Tiffanie Lewis
Lewis brings her family to every parade the area offers. It’s a tradition, she says, that separate Louisiana from other states. Each one with their own meaning and purpose.
“We should keep the traditions going, the parades going, Louisiana is a parade. Most of the parades we have, the festivals we have, stand for something and that’s a great thing.” said Lewis
If for some reason you couldn’t make it out to the parade today, no need to worry. Festivities will continue all through tomorrow in celebration of Martin Luther King Jr. day.


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