This Morning from CBS News, Jan. 19, 2015

Terror ringleader

Belgian officials have confirmed to CBS News that a suspect they want extradited from Greece may be one of the ringleaders behind the alleged plot to attack police in the European country. CBS News Correspondent Charlie D’Agata reports that, as Belgian authorities close in on the leaders of the apparent terror cell busted up last week, they’ve put their military on a war footing.

Speech headlines

By spending the better part of this month previewing his State of the Union address, President Obama ensured that his policy proposals each earned their own headlines — and, of course, a larger national audience. That could prove more critical than ever as the number of Americans watching the State of the Union address dwindles.

Speech preview

Dan Pfeiffer, a senior adviser to President Obama, explains to Face the Nation host Bob Schieffer why he believes a Republican-led Congress could act on the president’s agenda, including the call to raise taxes on the wealthy. The President will outline his proposals in tomorrow’s State of the Union address to Congress.

Teen fugitives

The alleged crime spree of two teenage fugitives on the run for weeks is over after a manhunt that stretched across several states in the Southeast. CBS News Correspondent Vicente Arenas reports new details emerged about 18-year-old Dalton Hayes’ relationship with his 13-year-old girlfriend, Cheyenne Phillips, as Hayes’ mother said he bought Phillips an engagement ring and that Phillips even claimed she was pregnant.

Slippery roads

Across the Northeast, a dangerous mix of rain and freezing temperatures iced over roads, sending cars sliding. CBS News Correspondent Jericka Duncan reports, in New Jersey, at least one person was killed and hundreds of other accidents were reported including a 15-car pileup.

Speech limits

British Prime Minister David Cameron said that “in a free society, there is a right to cause offense about someone’s religion,” taking issue with Pope Francis’ assertion that there are “limits” to free speech. “I’m a Christian,” Cameron said on CBS News Face the Nation. “If someone says something offensive about Jesus, I might find that offensive, but in a free society I don’t have a right to wreak my vengeance upon them. We have to accept that newspapers, magazines can publish things that are offensive to some as long as it’s within the law.”

Schieffer on speech

In the wake of the Paris tragedy, when he (the Pope) told us that free speech has limits and that we should not make fun of the religions of others, I listened. There is no stronger defender of the First Amendment than me. As a reporter, I stand second to no one in defending the French magazine’s right to print their satirical cartoons. Certainly, though, they did not deserve to die. But defending the magazine’s right to print the cartoons is different than approving the cartoons.

Older brother

Where does the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. stand today? Dr. King was like an older brother to Congressman John Lewis, one of King’s protégés in the Civil Rights movement. In an emotional conversation with CBS News Correspondent Jan Crawford, Lewis shows us why he never expected to see America come so far in his lifetime.

Laughing adversity

Steve Harvey marked his 58th birthday on his talk show with Martha Stewart joining in the festivities. CBS News Special Correspondent James Brown reports, it took many years — and a lot of hard work — for Harvey to get where he is. And he’s not about to take any of it for granted.

Golden legacy

Perhaps no American company is more iconic than McDonald’s. And in recent years, few major U.S. companies have struggled more to live up to its legacy than the Golden Arches.

Monkey movement

The words monkey business usually suggest something silly and frivolous, but for pioneering conservationists on the other side of the world, the business of monkeys is very serious business indeed. CBS News Correspondent Seth Doane teamed up with students from the University of British Columbia’s Global Reporting Centre and found how a monkey’s image could start a movement.

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