LeJeune will not seek Lafayette superintendent’s job

Burnell LeJeune announced Wednesday that he will not apply for the job of Lafayette Parish superintendent.

LeJeune has served as the interim superintendent since Nov. 10, 2014.

LeJeune said he plans to retire in July, after 40 years of work in the Lafayette Parish School System.

“This has nothing to do with the board, nothing to do with the people I worked with,” LeJeune said. “I think this board is going to make our community proud in the educational sense.”

LeJeune said he is committed to moving forward as the interim superintendent in the coming months.

The school board fired Pat Cooper as superintendent in November, then appointed LeJeune to the interim role days later.

So far, the board has not begun a search for a permanent superintendent. Last month, Board President Tommy Angelle said he thought such a search would take about three months. Angelle said he would prefer to have a new superintendent take over in the summer months, when the district is usually less hectic because school is out.

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