Two accidents cause major delays in Iberia Parish on Wednesday

Two accidents in Iberia parish earlier today caused major traffic delays.

Iberia Parish Sheriffs Office , State Police and Hazmat all responded to the emergency call.

Officials shut down both the East and West bound lanes of US HWY 90 after two separate accidents near mile marker 138. One involving hazardous material.
A tanker transporting liquid oxygen was stopped at a railroad crossing, required by law, when a flat bed rear ended the tank.

“Well the concern with it are if another fire were to start it would enhance the fire. In other words you can’t just get a big lighter and light it on fire. If there was a secondary crash where a fire would ignite, it would enhance that fire that much more.” Said State Police M/T Brooks David

With the tank leaking, authorities feared a secondary crash, which is exactly what happened. A Jeanerette rescue vehicle responding to the accident was rear ended within ten yards of the first crash. It did not catch on fire.

“There was a possibility for another explosion that could have ignited like an accelerant. Luckily I think hat state police, rescue crews were on the scene and pretty much have the situation under control and contained at this time.” Said Major Ryan Turner with the Iberia Parish Sheriffs Office

Iberia Parish Deputies say only one person reviewed minor injuries from both wrecks. Tow truck driver Mark Dressel says he was shocked when he arrived to tow the flatbed off the highway.

“Oh man, I’ve been doing this for almost thirty years and to know that this guy is still alive. I am just so amazed by that. He’s blessed believe me. I’ve been doing this a long time and when you get to a scene like this it’s horrific. The guy is just a little bit hurt, I’m amazed by that. ” said tow truck owner Mark Dressell.

The West bound lanes were cleared earlier today. Officials are unsure how long it will take to reopen the East bound lanes of the highway.


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