Group effort by various law enforcement to ensure safety during Mardi Gras season

It’s a group effort between Lafayette police, marshals, sheriffs and the University of Louisiana at Lafayette’s police department to make sure the streets of Lafayette remain a safe place to enjoy Mardi Gras festivities.

Corporal Paul Mouton with the Lafayette Police Department says, “In connection with them, typically the sheriff’s office which the fairgrounds at Cajun Field is where as with the parade in there and Lafayette police work the entire parade route.”

Also there to help manage the grounds at Le Festival de Mardi Gras, are UL Lafayette police officers.

Included in those efforts is the 30 foot nearly 300,000 dollar mobile operations center. One of its most important features is its camera that rises 30 feet in the air giving them a Birdseye view to analyze certain situations before they take place. And the other end of the fairgrounds standing thirty feet in the air is the “skywatch”, giving police complete 360° coverage of the area. Sergeant Abrams says along with these tools and the teamwork between law enforcement, they have everything they need to provide a safe environment.

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