Mardi Gras Women: “One day that will be me”

Women have become a familiar sight on the Mardi Gras scene, and are known to have a captivating presence. Some women watch and hope they one day experience what it is like to be in a parade.

“Go to balls, participate in the parades, and just enjoy myself,” said Queen Suzanne Simmone LVII .

Some ladies are keeping a watchful eye on the Queen of Lafayette Mardi Gras Festival Inc.  Queen Simonne’s royal title represents what most girls and women of Mardi Gras want.

“When you see the beautiful queen walk by, then you think one day that will be me,” adds Rosalyn Bruno.

Some also say they’re not part of a Krewe, but are raising girls who are. They’re happy to see young ladies become a part of something perceived to be bigger than one person.

“I think it gives them the message that they can participate in these festivities. It prepares them for their future and social events where they may have to speak amongst their peers,” says Jessica Beavers.

Over the years, the Mardi Gras atmosphere has transformed a bit. Women are throwing the beads and riding the royal floats.  Women are also throwing parties and helping to raise the finances.

“I think the guys have been at the front of Mardi Gras, but women have been putting it together.  They’ve been putting it together,” explains Wynne Cluse.

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