Sheriff’s Office investigating recent burglaries in St. Martin Parish

The St. Martin Parish Sheriff’s Office has continued investigations of several home burglaries over the past two weeks. The office now informs residents that most of the burglaries are happening in broad day light.

They warn residents in the area to check all entry points and make sure they are locked and secure. The office also encourages homeowners to secure anything that can be seen from the street while driving past their home such as ATV’s, lawn mowers, weed eaters, etc.

Other tips include asking neighbors to keep an eye on your home if you plan on being gone for an extended period of time. Another is limiting posting activities on Facebook that may indicate that may show you are going out of town or away from your home. The St. Martin parish Sheriff’s Office says thieves are sometimes mindful of homeowners and strike when they know you will not be home.

If you or your neighbors see any suspicious activity, please report it to law enforcement.

If you would like additional information on Crime Prevention tips or how to start a Neighborhood Watch Program in your area, please contact Deputy Troy Dupuis at (337) 394-2604.

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