Lawn and Garden – Fruit Trees

Chastant Brothers presents your Lawn and Garden

Gary:  Today on your Lawn & Garden we’re dealing with fruit trees. They take a lot of maintenance but John says it’s really not that hard. John what do we have to do to make sure that our trees really bare well?

John: Mostly with insecticides, fungicides… With fruit trees, they can take the cold so you’re not bothered with that. Not like citrus. We have several products right here. For the insecticide this one right here is a drench that you drench around the trunk of the tree and it’ll last the season. That’s what’s so good.

And if you have any problems with spots on the leaves or diseases I have liquid copper.

At the feed store we have a large selection of all your fruit trees. Pears, plums and all that.

And we have a root stimulator at the end which is a liquid type of fertilizer, but mostly for root development. It doesn’t burn the plant. When you’re planting those plants that is when you want to drench in the root stimulator using a sprinkler can. It’ll get them rooted and set right for the spring.

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