Lawn and Garden – Roses

Chastant Brothers presents your Lawn and Garden

Gary:  Today on your Lawn & Garden we’re taking care of your rose garden, John says it’s time to plant and even do a little pruning to, but there are all kinds of different rose bushes on the market and a big variety to choose from.

John: We have a wide selection right now at the store; Flora-Bunda Roses, Hybrid T’s, all your shrub roses, a lot of people are crazy about them. They’re easy to plant and low maintenance, you don’t have to spray them as often.

Also, February is one of your best months to do your pruning. What you want to do to most of your roses if they’re Hybrid-T’s or something like that, is clip them down to about eighteen or twenty inches and leave the largest canes there.

Gary: Do they grow back quickly?

John: Very quickly, they grow like a weed. But that is how you prune. The more you prune the more new growth you get in a rose.

Gary: So how do you maintain them? What kind of chemicals do you use to make sure that you have a beautiful rose?

John: They always have a disease of some type; black spot or this and that. I have several products. This is a systemic product right here that works from inside the plant. But it also can’t be used alone. You want to use this and you want to use the topical fungicide. This dithane right here gets rid of what’s on top. And for your insects, this right here, I love it. You use it like a drench with a sprinkler can. You mix it with water and soak your plant and it is good for four months, probably. Keeping the insects away, it goes inside of the plant so any insect that comes on that plant is knocked off. Great product.

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