Nickelodeon celebrates Avoyelles Parish teen

KALB – Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana – An Avoyelles Parish teen has received a $5,000 grant from Nickelodeon to go toward his program, WeTeachSTEM.

Due to his extensive work in the community, Stanley Celestine Jr. has been named TeenNick’s “Halo Effect” recipient for the month of February.

News Channel 5’s Noelle Bellow caught up with the young achiever about his program.

Celestine Jr. said, “STEM stands for science, technology, engineering and mathematics.”

WeTeachSTEM is a family, school and community partnership program, where Celestine Jr. says he spends the school year and summer engaging and inspiring youth and members of the community.

As a self proclaimed innovator, the 15 year old founded the program in Avoyelles PArish in 2014, all in an effort to help underserved youth.

“I especially (wanted to help) with academic failure. With STEM, youth and members of their families are able to do a lot of hands on science experiments and just learn about what STEM is and possible careers that their children could have,” explained Celestine Jr.

His mother Margaret Celestine said, “he always wanted to be a leader, not a follower, and I’m very proud of that.”

His efforts to provide mentoring programs and stem education to his community, made Celestine this month’s recipient of Nickelodeon’s “Halo Effect”, a $5,000 award, that’s given each month to a teen who’s making a difference.

“I hope people can really see that stem is more than just science, and see how we use stem everyday in our lives, and see how fields of STEM and STEM alone have helped our country and our world to become more technology focused,” said Celestine Jr.

“He has a mind that just steadily goes, he’s always looking for something different,” explained Margaret.

Celestine’s dreams don’t end here though, the high school sophomore plans to educate youths for years to come.

“I hope to join Teach for America, and commit two years of teaching and then hopefully with that experience, I would like to start my own nonprofit k-12 school,” said Celestine Jr.

WeTeachSTEM is implemented at six schools throughout Avoyelles PArish, and reaches more than 1,200 students. Stanley hopes to expand it throughout the state of Louisiana.

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