2002 sales tax resolution postponed

The chief financial officer of Lafayette parish schools says they’re being “hit” twice financially. The school district pays some 900,000 dollars to charter schools which is due to sales tax dollars the state considers revenue.

In Lafayette parish the 2002 sales tax brings in about 27 million dollars, all of which voters approved to go to teachers.

According to the president of a local educator’s organization that’s the way it should stay. The president of the Lafayette Chapter of the Associated Professional Educators of Louisiana is irate.

Juanita Hall cannot believe the resolution that’s before the school board. The resolution calls for a state senator to file legislation to allow for voters to decide to set free dedicated dollars which is just enough to pay what the state deems is owed to charter schools.

Hall says the resolution goes back on what voters voted for and that’s taking care of teachers within the Lafayette Parish School System. She adds it’s not to pay off an outside entity.

Chief Financial Officer Billy Guidry explains the numbers aren’t for certain, but last year’s application information shows about 1,300 students transferred charter school being 1,000 from the parish school system and about 300 from private schools.

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