Opelousas population growth causes demand for more jobs

Opelousas officials said the city is growing in population and with that growth comes the need for more jobs.

“Growth has to come north and we’re expecting it and we’re getting ready for it,” said Reggie Tatum, Opelousas Mayor.

In fact, he said a number of new jobs are coming to the city this year.

We’ve got a store that’s coming next to Super 1. It’s going to be a big name grocery store. We’re not sure the name yet because they haven’t released it, but the city council did approve everything,” said Tatum.

Tatum said the tourism center recently received a phone call from the Walmart Distribution Center which could mean even more work opportunities.

“They’re looking for a place to start like a job interview application facility. They’re wanting to know if there’s a building available where they can start interviewing people,” said Tatum.

This is just two out of quite a few projects in the works for the city.

“We might be talking about 150 jobs which is going to be good. Our sales tax was awesome for the city. I think we broke a record last year,” said Tatum.

Parish President, Bill Fontenot, said with city on it’s way up, so is St. Landry parish.

He said the two cent sales tax for parish road projects was a major factor in increased sales tax revenue.

“Over the past year we just recently completed a full year of collecting those taxes and it surpasses seven million dollars about seven point one million dollars,” said Fontenot.

Both Tatum and Fontenot are looking forward to the new development of the Harry Guilbeau complex.

“It will generate hotels, restaurants and living space. People are moving this way so that’s part of the economic development so the housing industry will be good,” said Fontenot.

Both men said the future of Opelousas is looking very bright and there are more projects on the way.

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