St. Martin Parish encourages residents to take part in reducing crime

After a rash of burglaries in St. Martin Parish, authorities are trying to get residents more involved to help cut down on crime. According to the sheriff’s officials, the victims don’t always do what’s best to protect themselves.

“A lot of people leave items outside,” said Mayor Ginny Higgins. “They are in plain view of people going by. Unfortunately, we just don’t live in a society anymore where you can just leave things out.”

The majority of these burglaries take place during the day, when most people are at work.

“We are just encouraging people,” said Higgins. “Make sure you’ve taken measures necessary to keep your things safe.”

One of those measures includes a neighborhood watch program. Higgins says he has pushed for the program, but there are not that many members right now. She says it may not be popular right now because most people are too busy with children, work, and social activities. She says one meeting a month can make a big difference.

“You can base it on the schedule of the people in your community,” said Higgins. “What it does is it gives extra eyes and ears to us and to local law enforcement.”

Officials are encouraging residents to be more proactive not only in their neighborhoods, but in their communities.

For more information on how to start a neighborhood watch program in your area, or crime prevention tips you can call Deputy Troy Dupius at 337-394-2604.

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