This Morning from CBS News, Feb. 18, 2015

Obama summit

President Obama will address a “White House Summit on Countering Violent Extremism” today, part of a three-day series of meetings to discuss ways of preventing the radicalization and recruitment of those who might be drawn to terrorist violence. The White House announced the event on Jan. 11, four days after the terror attack in Paris on the offices of the “Charlie Hebdo” satirical newspaper. Jan. 11 was also the same day on which Mr. Obama was conspicuous by his absence from a gathering of world leaders in Paris marching in unity with France in response to the terror attacks.

Eye in the sky

It’s not a bird or a plane, but a blimp in the sky, floating over Maryland’s Baltimore suburbs. It’s the newest system launched by the Army to protect the Eastern Seaboard. CBS News correspondent Chip Reid reports on the new security systemthat can detect everything from a cruise missile to a small drone.

Polar vortex returns

With temperatures in the teens in Washington D.C., the C&O Canal is frozen solid. Tens of millions of people from Maine to the Carolinas are in the grip of the cold. Behind it all, CBS News correspondent Chip Reid reports, is the polar vortex. It has brought the coldest air in the Northern Hemisphere to the south in the eastern parts of the country, and it’s had the opposite effect out west — bringing warm, dry weather.

P Morgan’s Jamie Dimon

Outgoing Attorney General Eric Holder announced yesterday he is giving U.S. attorneys 90 days to decide if they can successfully prosecute individuals involved with the mortgage meltdown. That includes executives at banks that agreed to massive settlements, like JP Morgan Chase. CEO Jamie Dimon is trying to move past the scandal, and his bank is part of a massive new investment in Detroit. The struggling city recently emerged from the largest municipal bankruptcy in the nation’s history. Only on “CBS This Morning,” Dimon talks to CBS News correspondent Vladimir Duthiers about his mission — and the backlash.

Fed image

The Federal Reserve Board has an image problem in much of the U.S. beyond Wall Street. And that’s the perception that the Fed is more aligned with Wall Street’s interests than with Main Street’s. Here’s one way to alter that perception.

Sniper trial

The prosecution rested yesterday in the trial of the man charged with murdering former Navy SEAL Chris Kyle. CBS News correspondent Manuel Bojorquez reports on how evidence played in court could impact Eddie Ray Routh’s fate.

Best costumes

The Oscars are less than a week away, and nearly all the movies nominated for best costume design got some of their clothes from a giant warehouse, far from Hollywood. CBS News correspondent Charlie D’Agata reports from Angels the Costumiers, in London.

Defying super-stereotypes

At 22-years-old, model Karlie Kloss is already a veteran in the fashion industry, but posing in beautiful clothes is only one part of her amazing resume. CBS News correspondent Michelle Miller reports on how Kloss is turning heads by defying stereotypes.

Top News


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