Dogs in Carencro cause neighborhood disturbance

A homeowner in Carencro is being accused of having one too many dogs on the property. Lafayette Consolidated Councilman Jay Castille discussed the issue before the council on Tuesday.  Zoning explains the home in question sits on South Wilderness Trail in Carencro. “He put up about 40 dog kennels on a lot.  We’ve been having an issue with people having a bunch of animals in their yard.  It’s getting bad,” says Councilman Castille.

LCG Zoning and Planning officials say there are at least 20 dogs on the site. Authorities say property zoned for residential customarily doesn’t have those many dogs.  Plus, Castille says neighbors are complaining of excessive barking.  “It appears he’s running a business in a residential subdivision.  He didn’t pull any permits to build these kennels. There are some issues we found,” adds Castille.

Zoning confirms there are two wooden structures on the property without a permit. Castille adds he wants answers and so do the people who in the area. “All I want is for them to follow the law. If you can’t have the kennels, then the kennels got to go. Tear them down and get them out of there.  If you can keep it there, then show cause why you can keep it there.  Don’t just say he’s good to go.  There has to be a reason for it,” explains Castille.

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