Carencro and Scott flooding issues


Flooding in certain parts of Acadiana has been an issue for many years.

Now, officials in Carencro and Scott are making it a priority to fix the problem.

Carencro City Manager, Jay Castille, said he’s focusing on three main waterways to help alleviate flooding.

“It’s always been an issue flooding on both sides of University. Coulee Mine flooding on the east side and Beau Bassin on the right side, west side,” said Castille.

He said another waterway that causes flooding near the Oak Springs and Frenchman’s Trail subdivisions is Carencro Bayou.

Flooding in the area can get as deep as 10 inches.

Castille said a study on the drainage issues is near completion.

“I have a project fixing to start in that area where we’re cleaning one of the coulees next to the subdivision so we’re making some steps. They’re small steps, but eventually the big project will be to drain all of that area into Carencro Bayou,” said Castille.

Castille said their biggest project will be cleaning out Coulee Mine which covers over 30,000 acres.

He said there are funds put aside to get the project underway once the study is complete.

“If we can get Coulee Mine cleaned out that’s going to be a big help to Carencro, Scott and the unincorporated areas,” said Castille.

Scott Mayor, Purvis Morrison, said Coulee Ile Des Cannes is another waterway that causes flooding problems.

He said about two-million dollars is going into getting part of the coulee cleaned.

“We’re putting in almost a million, consolidated government is putting in almost a million for us to clean up Coulee Ile Des Cannes from basically right around Congress Street up to Cameron Street in Scott,” said Morrison.

Residents are anticipating the completion of the drainage projects.

“We had a meeting like I said in the beginning of February and they were excited to see the progress,” said Castille.

Castille said he hopes to solve most of these flooding issues by next year.

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