Inconsistent weather in Acadiana may increase illnesses and allergy outbreaks

Recent inconsistent weather in Acadiana may lead to illnesses and severe allergy outbreaks, but there is a distinct difference.

“It’s probably one of the hardest diagnoses to make for a patient because a lot of the symptoms are similar,” said Dr. Lisa B.David, a board certified Otalarygologist.

David says many patients have a hard time noticing the difference between allergies and the flu, or a common cold.

“The primary difference is fever,” said David. “You will never have fever with allergies. It can ake you feel somewhat rundown like the flu, but you will not have the severe body aches like the flu.”

“With allergies, you’re more likely to have a lot of mucus,” said David. “Usually clear draining from the front of the nose to tickling down the back of the throat. You may also have a cough, but it may just be a throat clearing type cough.”

She says the change in weather also plays a huge factor.

“We’re having the 70 degree weather that we may have on Sunday,” said David. “And the 30 degree weather that we had on Thursday definitely increases the inflammatory response.”

David recommends to use over the counter allergy medications for patients who experience allergies during certain times of the year. However, she says allergies should not linger for more than 2 to 3 weeks. If so, you should seek medical attention.

“If you’re still having a lot of nasal congestion, a lot of blowing of the nose, maybe itchy eyes or watery eyes,” said David. “Sometimes people have ithing inside of the ears or ear pressure.”

To treat allergy symptoms, Dr. David suggests using decongestants, anti-inflammatories, and nasal spray.

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