Sleet and icy conditions in St. Landry Parish

St. Landry Parish received their share of sleet and icy conditions Thursday.
While the slick roadways were a cause for concern for many in the community, some went on with business as usual. Resident, Alison Guillory, said she was surprised by the drop in temperature when she walked out of her house this morning.
“Yesterday I had on short sleeves and capris. Today I have on a t-shirt, a saints jacket, jeans, socks and everything. I am cold,” said Guillory.

Ice could be seen on homes and in yards in parts of St. Landry Parish. Many in the community could be seen bundled up with coats and gloves braving the cold. Guillory was not the only one caught of guard by the temperature Thursday.

“My house has a bunch of ice on it and yesterday I just took my son outside to play. Now today I have him inside with a jacket on,” said Ambrea Smith, Opelousas Resident.

School administrators at St. Edmund Catholic in Eunice let students out early due to the icy conditions. Prinicipal, Sister Joel Miller, said their students’ safety is a priority.

“We are very concerned about our students and traveling so far. We have students from Mamou, Vidrine, Ville Platte, and all around so we were just concerned about their safety,” said Miller.

St. Landry Emergency Preparedness Director, Lisa Vidrine, has been monitoring the weather for a few days now.

“Everything is going to be going on as usual. The difference is we’re going to be very cold tomorrow so everyone needs to make sure they wear those extra layers,” said Vidrine.

She said with these cold temperatures, residents should be cautious not only while driving, but also at home.

“Make those necessary precautions and take preparedness measures. Of course like I said, with the cold temperatures we’re going to be experiencing tonight into tomorrow morning make sure to remember those P’s. Pipes, pets and plants. They’re all taken care of,” said Vidrine.

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