Test for Life campaign saves life of Lafayette woman

Last year one Lafayette woman won a free colonoscopy as part of the test for life campaign. But it wasn’t just a free exam, it saved her life

Susan Dominello had postponed getting a colonoscopy because she felt healthy and said, “I exercised I had no problems at all everything was going well I thought.”

But the colonoscopy revealed that things weren’t going well because she had colon cancer.

Susan says, “It was like surreal or something I went through the motions I don’t know if it really hit me until after surgery what was going on because everything happened so fast.”

Fortunately Susan’s cancer was caught early enough to treat with surgery.

Doctor Stephen Abshire, is a gastroenterologist at Lafayette General Medical Center. He says if Susan hadn’t won the free colonoscopy and waited another year; it could have been too late.

Doctor Abshire says, “The tumor would have invaded into the wall of the colon into the lymph nodes and then into the liver and the lungs and then you’re at a stage 4…I guess God looks after us in ways that we don’t understand.”

Susan was thankful for winning the free colonoscopy that saved her life and Dr. Abshire was glad to help.

“Without a doubt I have to say that this is one of the situations that I’ll never forget.” Says Dr. Abshire.

Colon cancer often goes unnoticed until it’s too late. Susan says it’s important to take make time for a screening. During March, at home colon tests will be available at Walgreens where you can also sign up for a free colonoscopy.

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